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QuoteWizard connects insurance agents, brokers, and carriers with active online insurance shoppers through high converting insurance lead and call products.

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We are the largest insurance lead provider in the United States. Since 2006, QuoteWizard has been building and maintaining exceptional relationships with all major insurance carriers. We also pride ourselves on our support of individual agents and brokers. We have offices in Seattle, Denver, and Sacramento. We offer insurance leads and calls along with agent education programs to help our customers write more new business.


Industry Leader

QuoteWizard is the leading provider of search generated insurance lead products in the United States.


Carrier Partnerships

We generate high quality insurance leads for Allstate, State Farm, Nationwide, Farmers, and many others.


Insurance Division of LendingTree

QuoteWizard is now the insurance division of LendingTree, America’s largest online lending marketplace.

At QuoteWizard, we spend nearly $8 million per month with Google Ads, where we are consistently placed in the top 3 rankings on the search results page. Here are some of the channels we use to generate High Quality and High-Intent Internet Leads:


Search — SEM and SEO


Social Media


Display Advertising


Marketing Relationships


Email Marketing

2020 was a year of change. Going into 2021, consumers are becoming much more well-versed when it comes to choosing the right Insurance carrier. QuoteWizard provides shoppers with an online Insurance comparison platform, driving their intent to purchase the matching insurance.

90% of customers say they are open to purchasing their auto insurance online.1

QuoteWizard’s online search leads have been proven to convert at 5X the rate of other leads.2



We deliver high-quality insurance leads directly to you from actual customers sourced from Google and other high-intent sources.



Our insurance lead products produce better results, period. Our leads are sold a maximum of 4 times (half the industry standard).


Return Policy

We offer the most liberal return policy in the industry and have award-winning account representatives to help you every step of the way.

You can attract new, loyal insurance shoppers through QuoteWizard Lead Generating programs. Shoppers are becoming more aware when choosing the right insurance, and they want the comparative advantage at their fingertips. 64% of insurance shoppers cite price as primary reason to look for new insurance, 33% cite competitive pricing as the main decision driver to switch, and more people are transitioning online. We help streamline this process for you by providing high quality and high-intent leads to expand your book of business.

“QuoteWizard is hands down the best lead company that I have used and I have used almost all of them. They have helped me build my business through controlling my lead volume, expense level and helping me close the maximum amount of leads that our office can handle. I recommend QuoteWizard to everyone!”

— Matt D., Insurance Agent

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